How To Make Your Candles Last Longer


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Luxury scented candles are the perfect addition to any home & we spend a good deal of money to find the perfect candle to suit our interiors. So why is it after we’ve picked the ideal spot for the candle & lit it for the 1st time we forget that our new luxury, expensive candle will need some much needed TLC throughout its life.

Knowing how to look after your candles properly will make them last longer and allow you to enjoy their effect & scent to maximum effect. In this blog we will outline some ways to get the most from your scented candles.

Lighting for the 1st time

The 1st time you light a candle make sure you have enough time. Ideally 2/3 hours so that the wax will pool to the edge of the glass allowing the candle to burn evenly when burned in the future.

Trim the wick

Generally speaking you do not need to trim the wick of brand new candles as this will have already been done by the manufacturer. So after each time you burn the candle you should trim the wick to around 5-6mm. Not only does this help your candle burn correctly & therefore last longer, it also reduces the smoke caused by long wicks.

Don’t put candles where there is a draught

Try not to place candles where a breeze might catch them. This would include areas where people frequently walk past or next to doors & windows. This can cause the flame to flicker frequently meaning that the candle will not burn frequently.

So, that's it! 3 simple, easy steps to make sure you can use your candles to their full potential.

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