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Everything you need to know about reed diffusers

Looking to fragrance your home without the worry of a candle flame? Look no further than a reed diffuser. It is the perfect and safe way to continuously have your home scented with your favourite aroma.
Here at Dawn Candles we offer an extensive range of reed diffusers. So, read on to find out our favourite fragrances, tips and more…
What is a reed diffuser?
A reed diffuser will give your home a longer lasting scent than a candle. Also, with no flames to worry about, they can be more practical. A diffuser contains scented essential oils that will fragrance your home when reeds are inserted into it. The more reeds you add, the stronger the fragrance!
How long your diffuser will last for depends on a number of factors. These include size, location, etc.
Ensuring you keep the diffuser in a cool location and out of direct sunlight will give it a longer life.
We have a whole host of reed diffusers on offer at our website. From Summery, fruity fragrances to warm, cosy fragrances, we’re sure we have something to suit your home fragrances needs!
You can shop our full range here today.
We hope our blog has given you a little insight into the benefits for using a reed diffuser to fragrance your home. If you have any questions or want to let us know your favourite home fragrance, let us know in the comments!
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